“I was impressed by his creativity and attention to detail as a sound designer. He thought deeply about the narrative flow of the films that he worked on and was acutely aware of pacing and balance. These skills along with his mature aesthetic judgement are attributes that made Sonny stand out from his student cohort. He is motivated to learn the technical processes required to achieve the results that he wants and is willing to spend the hours required to get his work up to the highest standard.”

Harry Whalley – Tutor of Harmony, Counterpoint & Composition at the University of Edinburgh

“One of the most intriguing and valuable qualities Sonny has is the ability of immersing himself easily in observing the environment around him. He’s  keen to focus on concrete situations and able to pull from that a deeper reflection of what he’s just experienced. This with the obvious curiosity, sharp eye and ear are the perfect tools for a very unique mind that has the ability of dragging us all to places, concepts and ideas, something crucial in the creative world. Sonny is someone who is able to abstract himself from 21st Century distractions and just observe the world around him. This is evident in his sound, giving us the observational perspective that he creates”.

Edu Comelles , Sound Designer, Musician and Curator,  Valencia

I have known Sonny as a student since September 2018. He was a conscious student exploring new ideas with care and rigour. He was always curious. His creativity in solving problems often produced unexpected and intriguing results. His friendly nature makes him a good team player carefully listening to the needs of others. I could observe that during a collaboration with the Brighton Youth Orchestra. Together with two other students Sonny developed and performed an electronic soundscape for a public live-performance with the BYO in May 2017 as part of the Brighton Festival, which was well-received. I can recommend Sonny Bacon due to his attention to detail and collaborative qualities.”

Jean Martin , Creative Sound and Music Researchand Enterprise Group