I look to collaborate with artists, directors and creators from a variety of disciplines and have done so in the past for short films, documentaries and animation. I’m always keen to hear from people; whether it’s to ask for some advice or to create draft musical ideas for a specific;  animation, film, audiobook.. or any project that requires music or audio content. Providing music and audio content for specific briefs and projects is where my background is focused.


Completed – Documentary Credits – Time & Tide 2020Stories of Note- East Sussex


Completed – A/V Work – Ink Theatre Festival – cable rigging, computer sound & light design, QLab live monitoring

Shortlisted – David Thomas AwardsThe Medium – Archive Film (Screen Archive South East)

Completed – Dissertation – Soundtrack: Innovative Approaches in Film (available on /papers page)

Completed Final Graduation Film  Lost in Process

Awarded – First Class Honours – Digital Music & Sound Arts 3 Year BA Hons

Accepted – Film Submission – Lost in Process – London Experimental Film FestivalIslington Metalworks, London

Provided – SoundscapeLondon Experimental Film Festival Islington Metalworks, London


Completed – Paper – Soundtrack: A Device To Guide Perception In Film (available on /papers page)

Completed – Short Film – Knockdown 2018 – Brighton Film School – East Sussex

Assisted – Foley Studio Session – SonicFruit  Buckenham, Norwich, Norfolk

Logic Pro X – Intensive training course completed (Sound for Moving Image) – Brighton, East Sussex


Completed – Experimental Film – Direction  – Collaboration with voice artist: Olivia Louvel)

Completed – Workshop Module    Logic Pro X – Sound for Moving ImageBrighton, East Sussex


Completed – Experimental Audio Residency – Audiotalaia El Polell, Spain

– Mic/soldering workshops, collaborative performances and sound walks


Completed Portrait Documentary – Abandoned – Sound Design and Audio Arrangement – Epsom, Surrey

Completed – Workshop – Pro Tools – University of the Creative Arts – Farnham


Assisted – Video Editing Workshop Age Range: 16-19 – City College, Norwich

Accepted – Film Production – University of The Creative Arts – Farnham, Surrey